Respecting your past so you can look after your future

Your heritage is part of the person you are. Respecting what's come before you is crucial to how you look after your future. The central question in this section is about whether you're passing on the energy you've inherited from your ancestors to your children and your family, and whether you're keeping rituals and traditions alive.

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    Do you know and appreciate what your parents were doing when they were your age?

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    Do you appreciate and talk about where your ancestors are from?

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    Do you think about the history of your family's interests, jobs and hobbies? And what kind of people they were?

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    Do you feel there are other areas in the world that you would feel more at home in?

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    Do you think of your family members and smile?

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    Do you spend quality time with your family?

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    Do you keep in touch with any family that do not live with you?

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    Do you know your neighbours names?

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    Do you feel part of a community?

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    Do you spend time being truly present with those you are responsible for? So this could be kids, parents, pets or any other dependants.

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    Do you allow yourself time away from your family?

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    Do you believe that you are passing down good traditions within your family?

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