Energy from the Earth

This section is about how you look after yourself. It asks you what you know about the food and water needed for your well-being and where it comes from. It questions how fit and flexible you are and how you relieve stress. In the end, it all links back with how healthy you feel.

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    Do you feel that you drink enough water?

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    Do you eat fresh fruit and fresh vegetables?

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    When you're buying, cooking or eating your food are you conscious of where it has originated from? For example, the animal, farm, company or country?

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    Do you only include in your diet those foods that make you feel good when you have eaten them?

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    Are you grateful for the food you eat and are you consciously aware of how it tastes and the nourishing effect on your body?

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    Do you feel that you exercise enough?

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    Do you do yoga or other exercise that you find stress relieving?

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    Do you spend time outside amongst nature?

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    Do you feel that you get enough sleep?

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    Do you ensure that the products that you put on your body have no harmful ingredients?

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    Do you ground yourself? For example, do you go barefoot on the grass, take Epsom bath salts or use crystals?

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    If you have an ailment or feel unwell, would you firstly go to a natural, holistic healthcare practitioner for treatment?

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