Giving energy back to the Earth

How do you live in your home? This section questions the ways in which you interact with your surroundings, revealing their importance to your well-being. Your home is your chance to respectfully bond with the planet, whether it's by using local craftsmen or buying ecological products. By loving your home, you're loving yourself and the Earth too.

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    Do you love where you live?

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    Do you appreciate the history of the land and buildings that surround you?

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    Do you love your garden or space outside?

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    Does your home feel so good that you love spending time there?

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    Do you have a place for all your belongings? We can all get messy, but if you were to tidy up, would you have somewhere for everything to go?

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    Do you have any jobs that you feel need done in your home?

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    Do you only buy things for your house that you love or are needed for their function?

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    Do you think of your impact on the planet when purchasing goods? For example: buying organic food, using local craftsmen and purchasing eco household products?

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    Are you aware of the impact on the Earth when you travel?

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    Are you aware of the water, heating and electricity you use in your home and how this impacts on the Earth?

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    Do you grow any of your own food?

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    Do you recycle your waste?

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